Manitoba Hotel Association

Member Benefits

The MHA’s programs and services are specifically developed for the hospitality industry by people who understand that your property serves guests all day, every day. Whether you have five rooms or 500, we work hard to get our members the best value for products and services that you can’t do business without. The MHA leverages the buying power of Manitoba’s hospitality industry and passes the savings on to you.

MHA members enjoy the following benefits:

Western Financial Group TotalGuard Group Benefits Program: MHA members have access to Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions' TotalGuard employee benefits program. In today’s competitive job market, having a dependable and affordable employee benefits program is critical to attracting and retaining employees. Regardless of whether or not you currently have an employee benefits program in place, the TotalGUARD program can help you save premium dollars.
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Western Financial Group Property Insurance Program: A specialized insurance program with risk management services for MHA members exclusively designed for property insurance, liability insurance, business interruption, crime, and equipment breakdown.
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People First HR People First HR @Your Service On Call: MHA members will now have access to People First’s @Your Service On Call, providing professional, reliable and affordable human resource (HR) advice when you need it, via phone or email.

To learn more about this program, please click here or contact the MHA Office.
Quasep Group Purchasing Program: QUASEP offers cash rewards purchases, discounts, or a combination of both on a wide range of purchases including foodservice products and groceries, uniforms, facility maintenance, lighting, paint and painting services, housekeeping supplies, linens, waste diversion, recycling, and payment services. Read More
Discounts on "Smart Choices, Responsible Service" Training: MHA members are now eligible for a $10 discount off the regular price of the training. The cost will be $35.00 each (plus $2.00 shipping, plus GST). This applies to both the paper and online versions of the training. To purchase the training at this discounted rate, you must call the MHA Office, (204) 942-0671 or 1-888-859-9976.
Food Handlers Certification Discount: MHA members are now eligible for a $10 discount off the regular price of MTEC’s Food Handler Certification Program. The fee for MHA members will now be $75.00 (plus GST). MHA members also receive a $5.00 discount off the price of challenging the exam. To register at the discounted rate call MTEC at (204) 957-7437.
MTEC Training: Providing over 70 different training sessions for the Hospitality industry in Manitoba. MTEC is the provincially funded sector council for the Tourism & Hospitality industry; therefore, the majority of these sessions are at no charge. There are sessions for every person working in the industry, from front line to the owner/operator. For a list of all of the upcoming training offered at MTEC, please click here.
Frontline Staff Visitor Experience Training: Tourism Winnipeg delivers complimentary on-site Visitor Information Presentations to ensure partners speak with authenticity and expertise on Winnipeg. Invest in your staff by offering this free-of-charge professional development session. Read More
Carlyle Printers Group Purchasing Program: Providing members with discount prices on everything from desktop printers to production copiers. Benefit from reduced costs for everyday printing supplies such as toner and inkjets for all makes and models of devices and paper. Contact Eric Johannson at (204) 480-4876, ext. 313.
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Payworks Payroll Program: Providing MHA members with special pricing on payroll administration. Payworks understands the unique requirements of MHA members, and have developed solutions specifically tailored to the hospitality industry.
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Tom Beggs Agencies Grease Interceptor Purchasing Program: Providing MHA members 10% off on any purchase of a Schier Grease Interceptor. Please contact Tom Beggs Agencies at (204) 953-1900 or email
St. John Ambulance Training & AED Program: Providing MHA members a 10% discount off of First Aid Training and select discounts on Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). Contact Bryan at (204) 784-7023 or by email.
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GreenKey Green Key Global: Reduce operational costs, increase efficiencies, expand staff and guest engagement and market your hotel as a sustainable property by becoming a member of Green Key Global. For more information, please email